Why social distancing is important while paying your vehicle taxes.
1 Nov

Your health should be your first priority. Amid this pandemic, we should all stay safe while being responsible towards our duties.

Let's talk about the elephant in the room. The Global Pandemic that has been causing massive recession to the market, COVID-19. Yes, this pandemic is the reason why people are staying home and maintaining safe space among our family, friends and acquaintances for the past 6 months. Although Nepal has given permission to run business with best precaution, we cannot ignore the fact that we should be careful and maintain social distancing with our day to day activity.


So we are going to give a few tips to stay you and your family safe and still get your vehicle taxes cleared.

1. Wash your hands - Clean is the new cool!

This virus spreads when it enters your body through your eyes, nose or mouth. Most of this happens through your hands because it is one of the most used body parts. So we recommend you wash your hand as often as you can. Especially after going out.


2. Don't forget your mask - You are a superhero!


Mask has been an essential part of our new normal life. In order to stay germ free, we need to cover our mouth and nose to stop it from spreading. Wearing a mask not only protects you from germs but also helps others if you are contagious. Superhero always wears a mask, why shouldn’t you?




3. Cashless transaction - Use the technology wisely


We have many electronic money transferring portals which helps us pay our taxes with the tip of our finger. Cashless transactions reduce risk to spread the diseases from one person to another. However, there may not be a platform to pay your vehicle taxes. Which brings to our most important point.



4. Use Smart Service Inn - Be Smart and stay safe!


Smart Service Inn is a third party agency who will help you clear your vehicle taxes by collecting your bluebook in front of your doorstep. We all know your time is precious and with this pandemic luring around, it will never be wise to go towards the crowded place and risk your and your family’s life. Our team will use full prevention methods to collect your vehicle documents, pay your taxes on time and make sure your documents are back in your hands only in a matter of days. With all these benefits of safety, Smart Service Inn offers their service with a very reasonable price of NPR. 200 for Bike and NPR. 300 for Cars.