Easily renew your bluebook with 4 easy steps
2 Dec

Smart Service Inn aims to provide top class service to the nation with digital bluebook renewal service. Easily renew your bluebook with Smart Service Inn.

We all hate crowded places. Not only because of the pandemic but also because we do not want to lose our precious time in standing in a long line. Like you, many people wish everything turned digital so they can get their work done with the tip of their fingers. 


This blog is all about how you can use Smart Service Inn’s service to get your bluebook renewed with 4 easy steps. We will guide you through an easy process to get your bluebook renewed.


1. Get registered at www.smartserviceinn.com

Get your TAX Calculated to get updated regarding your due payable amount


2. You will receive a call from our Smart Service Inn Representative for confirmation

3. Our Service Representative will be at your doorstep to collect your Vehicle documents

4. After our representative collectes your bluebook, you will receive a confirmation email of your order.


There you go, it was an easy, safe and reliable way to get your bluebook renewed. You save time and stay safe in your own space while our representatives take care of your bluebook renewal within a few days. 


While we renew your bluebook, you can easily track your order through our website.  Stay safe and save your time while we take care of your hassle bluebook renewal process.